Grab your pumpkin spice latte, your coziest cable-knit sweater, and check out 9 things to look forward to this Fall (#1 clean air) –

1. Colder Weather – No Wildfires.
We are all patiently waiting for fall, September 22, which means drizzly mornings and colder nights. I find myself excited to wear sweatshirts and hoodies; giddy over mornings that call for hot coffee and fuzzy socks and no wildfire smoke in the air. Yes, sometimes it pours for a week straight, but we will have clean air and a gentle transition into the coming winter.

2. Salted Caramel Lattes.
I bet you were expecting me to say pumpkin spice latte. And while I’m a fan of the fall classic, salted caramel is pumpkin spice’s severely underrated cousin. Often sold as a mocha, I prefer the lightness of the latte with salted caramel over the chocolate. On a hectic, rainy morning where it feels like the stress of life is going to ruin my day, a hot, salted caramel latte is basically all I need to reset and push through my next task.

3. Fall Candles.
Let me be the first to admit — I’m a sucker for candles. Any time of year, any time of day, I will burn a candle. But, as any avid candle burner knows, the best scents are the fall and winter ones. While obviously not made from authentic fall smells (which would be much more similar to mold, rain, and the inside of the library), the cinnamon, apple, and hazelnuts combinations invoke images of family gatherings, holidays, and maroon sweaters.

4. Warm Clothes.
Speaking of maroon sweaters, bikini season has an expiration date and there’s no better follow up than black tights and a cozy, fall-colored sweater. Why? Partly to blame is the romanticism of fall and the other part is simply an excuse to break out my classic and elegant girly wardrobe; from navy and plum dresses to camel scarves and pea coats, I secretly live for any excuse to look classy and sophisticated with a hint of Princess Kate’s charm.

5. Football.
In complete and full disclosure – GO BEAVERS!
Huge football fans, best time of the year, we will leave it at that!

6. Changing Seasons.
We are blessed with four seasons and, while it sometimes feels like it does nothing but rain until May, and we’ve added fire season (July-Sept) we actually get a pleasant presentation of each season. With the cliched array of colored leaves and the drizzly days and nights, fall takes first place!

7. Halloween.
Oh, Halloween. By far my second favorite holiday (Christmas being the first, of course), Halloween is the best day (weekend) of the season. It also presents an opportunity for some of the most creative people you know to bring to life some of the craziest costumes. And that’s what Halloween is about, isn’t it? A chance to be something you’re not?

8. Daylight Savings Time Ends.
I think all that really needs to be said here is that we move the clocks back an hour.
More sleep. Sleep wins every time.

9. New Possibilities.
I’m sorry to sound so sappy and feel-goody, but fall brings a sense of new opportunity. Maybe it’s the trees shedding their leaves, or it’s knowing that in just a few short months, the calendar year will be over and a new set of 365 days will arrive to make new mistakes and new successes. For whatever reason, I embrace the changing season and see it as an excuse to grow. Cheers to Fall being one month from today!

Caryn Whiteford – Sep 8, 2015 | Modifications made to the original article, Kelsie Bartley – Aug 22, 2018