| 2017 Home and Garden Trends |

…when was the last time you updated your living space?

Talk about awesome trends, number one is my favorite! We spend so much time running around trying to get everything done at once, we forget to create a sacred place just for ourselves. Don’t fall behind this year… Check out the latest and greatest 2017 has to offer! Let us know which trend you are most excited about! 


1. Shedquarters – A “shedquarter” is a private, backyard spot that can be used as an office, artist work space or party area.


2. Docking Stations – Small, pull down desks can be added almost anywhere as wireless technology enables us to shift away from traditional home offices.


3. Vintage Vanities – Putting your bathroom sink on just about anything is huge this year! Old
dressers, filing cabinets, and even tree trunks can be converted into unique vanities.


4. Laundry Love – Homeowners are giving their laundry rooms some serious love with
innovative storage solutions, bright lighting, and even stylish wallpaper!


5. Foodscaping – Instead of traditional vegetable patches, backyards are now being transformed into edible landscapes that include vegetables, berries, fruits, and herbs.

6. Smart Windows – Cutting-edge window technology now allows our windows to be programmed according to the weather outside as well as the air quality inside.

7. Just like fashion, home trends can come and go so it’s important not to over-commit.
Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration as to what’s coming next, whether
you’re thinking of selling or just simply looking to update your home.