You can reinvent the rooms in your home with these simple DIY projects:

– A custom wallcovering adds personality and creates an instant focal point in any space
– Shelving, wall murals or photo collages are all popular ways to add real contrast to an
   empty space, 
and your guests will enjoy every aspect of the project you have created

Starting the new year by taking care of your furnace. Have a qualified professional inspect it if you didn’t do so at the start of the heating season. Check to be sure that all components of the heating ventilation and cooling system are working properly. Change air filters if you haven’t done so in a while, and set a reminder on your phone to change them throughout the year. According to the furnace manufactures guidelines.

Focusing on a few maintenance tasks can keep home appliances performing effectively, and effectively, according to Arm & Hammer.

Twice a year, clean behind and under the refrigerator. Mop the floor and use a vacuum to remove dust from the coils in back. Once a month, check and clean the dishwasher drain and wipe down the
door seals and spray arm.

* Source: Mail Tribune | Home